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PaintedFigs are the World's Largest, Specialist, Sci-Fi and Fantasy Miniature Painting Service. With a team of full time staff made up of expert painters, builders, packers, and customer service reps, we have become the leader in our field in terms of cost, quality, and service.

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See what some of our clients have had to say about us. Here are some of the testimonials we have been receiving from our clients, both gamers and stores, from all parts of the world.

we were interviewed by Raef Granger
Listen to our interview with Raef Granger.

we were interviewed by The D6 generation
Listen to our interview with The D6 Generation.

Study over 25,000 images of our work. A small portion of which is now online: you can see them in our gallery. These are not special exhibition images, but "real life" shots of projects we have done for clients.

Ours are the lowest rates on Earth. We've checked, see our prices for yourself. No one can match our quality levels at our prices. But if you find a better deal somewhere else we will refund the difference with our price match guarantee.

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The PaintedFigs.com Process

  1. Calculate the painting pricing by logging into our pricing section.

  2. Select your Painting Quality Level. See for yourself what quality levels we offer.

  3. Contact us to place your order and make payment.

  4. Buy your minis from us, at upto 20% off MSRP. See our price lists

  5. If you have your own minis, ship them to us. See our FAQ Shipping Section.

  6. Assembly, flash-cleaning, and paint-stripping: We don't expect these to be done by the client - if you don't have time to paint you certainly don't have time to prep. Leave this to us and we prefer to do it ourselves to guarantee consistent quality. And unlike our competitors we charge just 0.01 USD per SKU.

  7. High quality, traditional painting methods: We paint with Vallejo and Games Workshop paints and use many of the same methods you'll find in a White Dwarf magazine. Our painting leverages years of experience to do difficult schemes; free hand banners; and scales from 6mm infantry to Forge World titans.

  8. Basing: We base using Gale Force Nine static grasses and snow. We also use GW green flock, Vallejo pumice, good old fashioned dirt and can add items such as lava or rocky snow. And unlike our competitors we charge just 0.01 USD per SKU.

  9. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We do not ship until your painted figs meet your approval. Review images are sent to you, so any edits or corrections can be made.

    We track and save your painting information and keep permanent, online, gallery archives of all your past orders and work in progress on current orders. You can access them at any time, and know that when we pick up your next order, whether its weeks or years later, we have your painting preferences on record.

    Either you are getting what you want, or you're getting your money back.

  10. You sign off approval and we post out your newly painted figs to you.

Watch us paint the 300!

Our money is where our mouths are.
Are you paying too much for painting?
Fielding minis you don't have the time to work on?
Got burned in the past?
Were guessing you think you are, or you wouldn't have read this far.
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